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~  Ivan Le Lorraine Albright (1897-1983)  ~

         Ivan Albright was the son of Adam Emory Albright, a landscape painter. During World War I, he made medical drawings for a hospital in Nantes, France. This impacted the approach that he later developed, a realist style that depicted aging flesh in meticulous detail. Albright style is highly individualistic and he is generally considered to be an important Magic Realist. His brother, Marvin was also a painter and sculptor.


Memories of the Past (1927)


Burgomeister with Key


Ah God, Herrings, Buoys, the Glittering Sea (1940)




Fleeting Time, Thou Hast Left Me Old (1928-29)


Self-Portrait (1934)


Woman (1928)




Into the World There Came a Soul Called Ida (1929-30)


Portrait of Mary Block (1955-57)


There Were No Flowers Tonight (1929)




Heavy the Oar to Him Who Is Tired, Heavy the Coat, Heavy the Sea (1929)