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~  Piertro Annigoni (1910-88)  ~

        Annigoni, known as a great portrait artst, also painted landscapes and a number of metaphysical compositions. In some compositions he used tailor's dummies and other props, reminiscent of De Chirico. A member of Modern Realist Painters, an Italian group which existed briefly from 1947-49, he was opposed the emergence of abstract art and the avant garde. Some of Annigoni's works have a magical content, examples are included below.





No Title


C'era una volta Palladio (1971)


Portrait of Sonja Bata







La Soffitta del Torero (1950)


Cinciarda (1945)


Forza Paralizzata (1970)







Portrait of Juanita Forbes


Conte Giancarlo Bossi Pucci (1956)


La Strega / The Witch






Direste voi che questo e uomo


La Scalinata (1933)




Lo Spaventapasseri (1946)