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~  Magic Realism - Architectonic Paintings  ~

           Many German artists of the Weimar Republic era were interested in architecture and modern technology and made them the subject of many paintings. This was also true of artists of a number artists outside Germany during the interwar period, particularly those referred to as The Precisionists in the United States and Canada.





Die Schulstube (1925)
by Karl Hubbuch


Portrait eines Architekten (1923)
by Wilhelm Schnarrenberger

  Bridge over Schwarzbach Street in Wuppertal (1927) by Carl Grossberg  





The Yellow House (1935)
by Carel Willink


Jefferson Market Courthouse (1935) by Francis Criss


Portrait of the Painter Charles Roelofsz (1932)
by Carel Willink







Dazzle Ships in Drydock at Liverpool (1919) by Edward Wadsworth


Supermarket (1973)
by George Tooker


L'Escalier II (1948)
by Paul Delvaux






 Dada Roof Studio (c1920) by Rudolf Schlicter


Ortseingang von Sommerhausen (Unterfranken) (1926) by Carl Grossberg





Der Wasserturm in Bremen (1932)
 by Franz Radziwill              


 Zwei Frauen auf dem Balkon (1923)
by Franz Radziwill






Criquetot - L'Esneval (1945) by Tristram Hillier


Alcañiz (1961) by Tristram Hillier




Classic Landscape (1931) by Charles Sheeler

Catastrophe No. 2 (1944) by Charles Sheeler



American Landscape (1931) by Charles Sheeler


River Rouge Plant (1932) by Charles Sheeler




Astor Place (1932)
by Francis Criss


Suggestions For Hot Weather Entertainment III (1999)
by John Wilde




Town Square (1936-39)
by O Louis Gugliemi


Bright Light at Russell's Corners (1946)
by George Ault




View of a Town (1934) by Carel Willink


Solitude (1955) by Paul Delvaux






Railway Underpass (1932) by Max Radler


Station (1933) by Max Radler






Hochdruckdampf - High Pressure Steam (1923) by Volker Böhringer


Winter Landscape (1932) by Karl Rueter




  The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere (1931) by Grant Wood  




Bridge (1927) by Wilhelm Lachnit




Indian Summer - walking distance (1957) by Mati Klarwein




The White Factory (1928) by Peter Blume




The Two Rivers (1943) by Peter Blume