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~  Balthus (1908-2001)  ~
          Balthus, or Balthasar Klossowski de Rola, was a French painter mainly known for his controversial works of the 1930s featuring adolescent teenage girls. Stylistically his art is closely related to the Magic Realism of the day, with several ambitious works being quite complex and compelling.




La Fenetre (1933)


 La Famille Mouron-Cassandre (1935)


  Lady Abby (1935)







 Therese (1938)


Portrait of Andre Derain (1936)


Young Girl with Cat (1935)







 Lelia Caetani (1935)


La Toilette de Cathy (1933)


Portrait of Sheila Pickering (1935)




Les enfants Blanchard (1937)


 Le jeune fille endormie (1943)




Nature morte dans l'atelier (1958)


 Jeune fille et nature morte (1944-45)




The Street (1933-35)


 La beaux jours (1944-45)




The Mountain (1937)