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~  Max Beckmann - The Early Years ~

           Beckmann transitioned from Impressionism to Post-Expressionism after World War I. His affinity to Henri Rousseau in the early 1920s is apparent. These paintings are prototypical works of Magic Realism. After 1925 Beckmann developed a highly individual style, informed by Cezanne, Grünewald, Brueghel and study of the medieval stained glass.





Doppelbildnis Frau Swarzenski und Carola Netter (1923)


Double Portrait Carnival (1925)


Portrait of Frau Dr Heidel (1922)







Portrait Minna Beckmann-Tube, (1924)


Carnival (1920)


Still Life with Burning Candle






Self-Portrait in front of a red curtain (1923)


Die Synagoge in Frankfurt am Main (1919)






Self Portrait as a Clown (1921)


Familienbildnis (1920)