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~  Peter Blume (1906-1992)  ~
           Peter Blume was an American artist who painted in a precise Realist style. In the late 1920s his paintings were a mixture of naive and Precisionist elements, and have a connection with Magic Realism. By the early 1930s he added surrealistic elements, with one of his paintings South of Scranton gaining critical acclaim. Works in the late 1930s and many paintings incorporated Magic Realist elements.

Light of the World (1932)


Tasso's Oak (1957-60)




The Italian Straw Hat (1952)


Satyr with Cock (1974)




Sheds (c1928)


Banyan Tree (1961)




Pig's Feet and Vinegar (1927)


New Hampshire (1927)




The Boat


Parade (1930)




Summer (1966)


Vegetable Dinner (1927)




Hadrian's Villa (1958)


The Rock (1944-48)




Flower and Torso (1927)


Lilies (1938)




Passage to Aetna (1956)


Fracture Ward (1944)




House at Falling Water (1938-68)




Boulders of Avila (1976)




Landscape with Poppies (1939)




White Factory (1928)




The Two Rivers (1943)