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~  Magic Realism - The Metaphors  ~

       Metaphors can be important components in Magic Realism. They can be personal for the artist or universal in nature. For example, in De Chirico's early Metaphysical paintings the inclusion of trains are metaphors for his father, who was an engineer for railroads. Similarly, Andrew Wyeth included many metaphors for his father in his paintings of the late  1940s



Waiting at the Bridge (1931)
by Albert Birkle


Leipziger Straße Berlin (1923)
by Albert Birkle


by Albert Birkle




Two Friends (1926)
by Karl Hofer


 Night of the Black Moon (1944)
by Karl Hofer


Die Wächter - The Guardians (1936)
by Karl Hofer





Self-Portrait (c1930)
by Hanns Ludwig Katz


Women in the Room (1919)
by Karl Hofer


 Girl with Pink Hat (1925)
by Hans Grundig






by Albert Birkle


Masken (1925) by Franz M. Jansen






La blanche et la noire (1919) by Hans Grundig


Primo denaro (1928) by Cagnaccio di San Pietr






La blanche et la noire (1919) by Karl Hofer


Primo denaro (1928) by Hans Grundig






La blanche et la noire (1919) by Karl Hofer


Primo denaro (1928) by Karl Hofer






Family Picture (1920) by Max Beckmann

Doppelbildnis Frau Swarzenski und Carola Netter (1923)

by Max Beckmann





Girl with a White Dog (1951-52) by Max Beckmann


 Double Portrait Carnival (1925) by Max Beckmann




Still Life with Saxophones (1926)  by Max Beckmann