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~  Magic Realism ~ Illusions / Germany ~

       Painters developed techniques to create illusionistic realism in the early Renaissance, especially the Flemish, German and Italian painters. Many German painters studied the works of the Old Masters and were able to develope new and innovative techniques during the Weimar period. Magic Realism integrated the use of traditional techniques with contemporary subject material.  




Porträt Frau Wendland (1931) 
by Wilhelm Schnarrenberger


Dr. Mayer Hermann (1926)
by Otto Dix


Large Family Portrait (1925)
Wilhelm Schnarrenberger




  Baroness Vera Wassilko (1926) by Christian Schad


 Die Schulstube (1925)
by Karl Hubbuch


 Composer Josef Matthias Hauer (1929) by Christian Schad






Porträt Frau Wendland (1931) 
by Herbert von Reyl-Hanish

 Portrait of painter AM Trankler (1926) by Albert Henrich

Portrait of the Mother (c1930)
by Herbert von Reyl-Hanish






Self-Portrait with Gas Mask (1930)
Barthel Gilles

  The Yellow Boiler (1933)
by Carl Grossberg

Portrait of John Foerate, Man with Glass Eyes (1926)
by George Grosz




Franzoesisches Strassenbild (1928)
by Wilhelm Schnarrenberger

  Die Papiermaschine (1934) by Carl Grossberg



Dachboden (1926) by Ernst Thoms

Still Life with Sprats (1931) by Rudolf Wacker



Winter Landscape (c1930) by Rudolf Wacker