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~  Magic Realism ~ Illusions ~

       Painters developed techniques to create illusionistic realism in the early Renaissance, especially by Flemish, German and Italian painters. New and innovative techniques developed over the following decades, brought to a highly polished levels during the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th Century and again in the Neoclassical period of the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. Many of these techniques were bypassed with the advent of Modernism during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. In Magic Realism many techniques were rediscovered, specifically to portray everyday objects. Magic Realism therefore integrated traditional techniques with contemporary subject material.  





Orizia agli specchi (1925)
by Ferruccio Ferrazzi


The Big Port (1928)
Herbert von Reyl-Hanisch


Double Portrait (1937)
by Carel Willink




  Kakteen und Semaphore (1923)
by Georg Scholz


 Trompe L'oeil with Horn and Manuscripts by Alfredo Serri


 The Captain's Cabin
by Gregorio Sciltian







Iris Garden (1968)
by Christian Schad

 O Chatauqua (1935)
by Grant Wood

 Just Help Yourself (1951)
by John Wilde






Archery Contest (c1959)
by Pyke Koch

  Rick and the Large Mandala (1995-97) by Gregory Gillispie

Artist and Model (1973)
by Paul Cadmus





Self-Portrait (1927) / Christian Schad


Self-Portrait with Muse (1924) / Otto Dix




Natura morta con zucche (1928) by Bruno Croatto


Cedri - Iridescenze (1939) by Bruno Croatto




Accidente (1936) by Alfonso Ponce de Leon

The Wharf (c1932) by John Atherton



 Le Temple (1949) by Paul Delvaux


Natura Morta by Alfredo Serri



Two If By Sea (1995) by Andrew Wyeth

The Hunter (1943) by Andrew Wyeth



Artist and Model (1959) by Mati Klarwein





A still life with a bottle, fruit, letters and other objects on a ledge
by Raoul Hynckes




Enemy Action over American Bomber Station (1942) by Peter Hurd




Soaring (1950) by Andrew Wyeth