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~  Mati Klarwein  ~

          Mati Klarwein (1932-2002) was known for his visionary and psychedelic art. He studied with Fernand Léger and later with Ernst Fuchs, who taught him the Mische Technique. Although many of his paintings are influenced by Surrealism, many others are apparent works of Magic Realism. 





Margaret Grosser (1996)


 Spanish Kitchen (1954)


 Elsa Klarwein (1958)







Mateo Family (1989)


 First Encounter (1989)


 Ynnick Vu (1976)





 Still Life with Sugar and Nuts (1956)


Still Life with Milk and Water (1956)






Still Life with Apricots (1959)


Still Life with White Egg and Teapot




Still Life with Red Cabbage (1958)


Still Life with Red Cabbage (1958)






Mango Tree (1976)


Landscape Perceived (1963)




Schulte Family (1989)


Barcelo Family (1995)




Barcelona Family (1994)


Drue Heinz (1961)




Artist and Model (1959)




Outline (1984)




Indian Summer - walking distance (1957)




Indian Summer (1957)