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~  Carlo Mense (1886-1965)  ~

         Carlo Mense was a close associate of Georg Schrimpf. A strong influence of Italianate art and Pittura Metafisica can be seen in his paintings. Together with Schrimpf, Alexander Kanoldt and Heinrich Maria Daviringhausen, the first group of Magic Realists formed in Munich in the early 1920s.


Portrait of Underberg (c1922)


Mother with Children (1925)


Portrait of Heinrich Maria Davringhausen (1922)




Akt im Raum (1928-29)


Upper Italian Landscape (1934)


Vase mit drei Zyklamen (1930)




Akt in Landschaft (1924)


Goettliche Kueste - Positano (c1924)




Industrielandschaft (1944)