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~  Magic Realism - The Metaphors  ~

       Metaphors can be important components in Magic Realism. They can be personal for the artist or universal in nature. For example, in De Chirico's early Metaphysical paintings the inclusion of trains are metaphors for his father, who was an engineer for railroads. Similarly, Andrew Wyeth included many metaphors for his father in his paintings of the late  1940s





Triglion - Imperial Countess Triangi-Taglioni (1926)
by  Christian Schad


Le Malcontent (1930)
François Emile Barraud


Kakteen mit Semaphoren (1923)
by Georg Scholz







Self-Portrait (1927)
by Christian Schad


Notturno (1952) by Christian Schad


Count St. Genois d'Anneaucourt (1927) by Christian Schad







The Preacher (1937)
by Carel Willink


Shooting Gallery (1931)
by Pyke Koch


 Compozione Metafisica
by Gregorio Sciltian








  Girl with Death Mask (1938)
by Fridha Kalho


Self Portrait (1940)
by Fridha Kalho


The Deceased Dimas (1937)
by Fridha Kalho







American Gothic (1930)
by Grant Wood


Self-Portrait (1934)
by Ivan Albright


Orca (1990) 
by James Wyeth







Sea Boots (1976 )
by Andrew Wyeth


Adrift (1982)
by Andrew Wyeth


 Curtain Call (1979)
by Andrew Wyeth






Tasso's Oak (1957-60) by Peter Blume


Old Fellows Hall (1936) by O Louis Gugliemi






Lo Spaventapasseri (1946) by Pietro Annigoni


Station (1933) by Max Radler






Little Africa (1984) by Andrew Wyeth


Grey and Gold (1942) by John Rogers Cox




Trafalgar Square (1974) by Carel Willink




The Red Stairway (1944) by Ben Shahn