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~  Naturalism  ~

          Naturalism refers to a tendency in European painting, between 1875 to 1918, which was an alliance between photography and Realism. Typical paintings were large, with frozen composition  as if they were photographed. Jean-Leon Gerome, one of the leading painters and teachers at the Ecole-Arts in Paris recognized the potential of the camera as a tool of the painter. His students included Thomas Eakins, Jules Bastian-Lepage and J.A. Muenier.

          Franz Roh strongly felt that Magic Realism should avoid this type of "neutral" type of realism as he disapproved of art imitating photography.  





The Girl at the Gate (1889)
by George Clausen


The Wood Gatherer (1881)
by Jules Bastien-Lepage


The Sick Girl (1880-81)
by Christian Krohg




La lecon de Catechisme - The Catechism Lesson (1890)
by Jules-Alexis-Muenier


The Best Days (1889)
by Jules Alexis Muenier




The Lifeboat is taken through the Dunes (1883)
by Michael Ancher


Le mendiant - The Beggar (1880)
by Jules Bastien-Lepage




Conveying the Child's Coffin: A Child's Funeral (1879) by Albert Edelfelt