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~  Magic Realism - Classical Influences  ~

          The influence of Classical and Neoclassical art was much more evident outside Germany than as part of Neue Sachlichkeit Nazarene art appears as an influence in the oeuvre of Georg Schrimpf. However, the art of the Weimar Republic was not nearly as influenced by the Return to Order movement as was Italian or French art after World War I. Classical influences can be seen in the wroks of some American Magic Realists, particularly George Tooker and Charles Rain..





by Carel Willink


The Friends (1924)
by Ubaldo Oppi


Seated Nude with Plaster Bust (1927)
by Georg Scholz






La Sorella (1923)
by Achille Funi


Harlequin and Pierrot (1924)
by Charles Derain


Motherhood (1916)
by Gino Severini





Circo equestre (1927)
by Antonio Donghi


 Carnevale (1923) by Antonio Donghi


La canzonettista (1925)
by Antonio Donghi







Claveles (1974)
by George Tooker


Sevillanas (1975-76)
by George Tooker


 Dark Angel (1996)
by George Tooker







  The Stairway (1921)
by George Ault


Arnold Comes of Age (1930)
by Grant Wood


Nude and Torso (1945)
by George Ault






 Arcadian Landscape (1939) by Carel Willink


The Tourist (1949) by Carel Willink






Architectural Still Life (1978) by Charles Rain


Daybreak in Venice (1955) by Charles Rain






Un Ballo in Maschera (1983) by George Tooker


Laundress (1952) by George Tooker






Industrial Landscape (1934) by Franz Sedlacek






A still life with a bottle, fruit, letters and other objects on a ledge
by Raoul Hynckes




Sleeping Girls (1926) by Georg Schrimpf




Wildeworld (1953-55) by John Wilde