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~  Magic Realism ~ Quintessential ~

         The movement Realism developed in the mid 19th Century as a reaction to the artificiality of academicism and emotionalism of Romanticism. It became a broad trend referred to as Naturalism, eventually influenced by and even emulating photography. Magic Realism as defined by Dr. Franz Roh, who was a photographer, developed in opposition to Expressionism, but also on a seperate path from photography. Roh stated that it originated in the artist's imagination as opposed to being mimesis. In Magic Realism traditional techniques of realism, acquired from the study of the work of the Old Masters, were applied to contemporary and everyday subjects.

        Quintessential Magic Realism can be thought of as the pinnacle of a six sided pyramid, with Architectonic, Illusionistic, Naive, Socially Engaged, Metaphoric and The Enigmatic catagories forming the sides. This type of art demonstrates a mastery of techniques as well as unique and intangible qualities that captivate the viewer. 





Boy with Monkey and Bird (1956)
by Fred Ross


Contortionist (1955-63)
by Pyke Koch


Station de Metro - Paris (1928)
Walter Schulz-Matan






  Jukebox (1953)
by George Tooker

 Adrift (1982)
by Andrew Wyeth

  Jukebox (1953)
by George Tooker






Window I (1955)
by George Tooker

 Interior in Paddington (1951)
by Lucian Freud

 Donna con i limoni (1947)
by Giovanni Acci






 Memories of the Past (1927)
by Ivan Albright


  Pacific (1967)
by Alex Colville


 Child and Dog (1952)
by Alex Colville







Pausa (1942)
by Hector Poleo

Young woman with Pumpkin (1947)
by Antonio Berni

El héroe (1948)
by Hector Poleo




Der Wasserturm in Bremen (1932)               


 Zwei Frauen auf dem Balkon (1923)




The Bridle (1943) by Tristram Hillier

 Requiescat (1940) by Edward Wadsworth



Alma Sewing (c1935)

by Francis Criss

 Tailleuses de soupe (1933)
François Emile Barraud



Daybreak over Venice (1955) by Charles Rain


Eclipse (1946) by Charles Rain




Red Carpet (1953) by George Tooker

The Barber Shop (1948) by Henry Koerner



The Pond (1949-50) 

The Arcade (1950)



La difunta Correa (1976) by Antonio Berni




The Mountain (1937) by Balthus




Maskerade (1930) by Gregorio Sciltian




To Prince Edward Island (1965) by Alex Colville



Coils (1951) by Robert Vickrey