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~  Gregorio Sciltian  ~

       Gregorio Sciltian (1900-1985) was artist of Russian birth, who fled the Russian Revolution in 1919 and settled in Italy in 1923. After an extended stay in Paris from 1927 to 1937, he returned to Italy and in 1947 he founded "Modern Painters of Reality" with Pietro Annigoni, Antonio Bueno and others. Sciltian is well known for his portraiture and his trompe-l'oeil compositions. He is a representative for the long-standing tradition of illusionistic painting that dates back to the Middle Ages. Sciltian however added a measure of Metaphysical art which links his compositions to the movement of Italian branch of Magic Realism.










  Bacco all'osteria (1936)








  The morning


 Trompe l'oeil Venetian


 The captain's cabin






Self-Portrait (1954)


Oggetti Sentimentali




Maskerade (1930)