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~  Magic Realism - Verism  ~

               Verism is a type of Realism dating back to Roman times, in which the subject is shown with extreme  an extreme veracity, "warts and all". Similar approaches were taken by German and Flemish Renaissance masters and by  a number of early Italian Renaissance artists.

              A number of Verist artists during the Weimar era tended to objectify their subjects, frequently rendering them as stereotypes. Otto Dix and Christian Schad, in particular, chose their sitters based on  distinctive features and visual uniqueness. Both artists worked mostly without commission. Among the favorite portrait subjects of German painters were circus performers, entertainers, doctors, poets, actors and prostitutes.      





The Purple Hat (1907)
by Felix Vallotton


Denudo con Chal Azul (1922)
by Felix Vallotton


The Romanian in the Red Robe (1925)
by Felix Vallotton






Egon Erwin Kisch (1928)
by Christian Schad


Agosta, the Winged Man, and Rasha, the Black Dove (1929)
by Christian Schad


Self-Portrait (1930)
by Christian Schad







Sylvia Von Harden (1926)
by Otto Dix


Dr. Hans Koch (1921)
by Otto Dix


 Art Dealer Alfred Flechtheim (1926) by Otto Dix







  Portrait of Margot (1924)
by Rudolf Schlichter


Frauenportrait (1933)
by Rudolf Schlichter


Portrait Bert Brecht, 1926)
by Rudolf Schlichter







  Frau des Kuenstelers (1932)


by George Grosz


Portrait of John Foerate, Man with Glass Eyes (1926)
by George Grosz


by Karl Rueter







  Le panier limousin (1930)
by François-Emile Barraud


Hilda, Unity and Dolls (1937)
by Stanley Spencer


by Aime Barraud







Memories of the Past (1927)
by Grant Wood


Flesh (1928)
by Ivan Albright


There Were No Flowers Tonight (1929) 
by Ivan Albright






La blanche et la noire (1919) by Felix Vallotton


Primo denaro (1928) by Cagnaccio di San Pietr






Girl with a White Dog (1951-52) by Lucian Freud


Circus (1920s) by Otto Griebel




La Cadavre (The Corpse)  by Felix Vallotton